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The First Black Bar Association West of the Mississippi

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5143 Thousand Residents of STL County
5,000 Members
319 Thousand Residents of STL City
0 Thousand African-American Residents of STL city

0 Thousand African-American Residents of STL County


President’s Message


As your new incoming President, I want to continue to build on the history of exemplary legal leadership that the MCBA has practiced over the last ONE HUNDRED years positively impacting our community and even the country.

I want to help highlight and celebrate our last 100 years while helping to develop and implement a plan that will allow MCBA to continue to lead in the area of civil rights and equality thus continuing to positively impact our society locally and nationally.

I wanted to build on collaborating with other like-minded organizations and individuals who believe in and work for justice, honor equity, equal opportunity, the right to be heard and the other noble ideas on which this country and our legal system are built.

Specifically, I want to help improve the website by adding our illustrious history, honoring our founding members and increasing to the list of MCBA attorneys and their areas of practice. I want to help MCBA be as vocal and relevant on public issues in the areas of civil rights, criminal justice, domestic relations thru public statements, letters and even amicus briefs. I want to tap into the talent in our membership in helping community leaders and politicians as they fashion legislation addressing gun violence, the pipeline to prison, jail conditions and other social issues. I want to continue to engage our members, the community and leaders with short video-interviews, podcasts or facebook-live sessions discussing relevant legal and social issues available for download.

And I wanted to continue our traditions of excellent continuing legal education seminars and PUBLIC forums. And continue collaborating and assisting the Mound City Bar Foundation in fund-raising and providing scholarships and an opportunity to train and showcase our future lawyers.

We can not do it alone. Being a licensed attorney is a privilege that affords you the opportunity and responsibility to help make our community better more fair, more enjoyable and meaningful. If you have an issue you would like to address - you can do it thru MCBA on any number of committees. You have an opportunity to shine a light on and analyze any legal/socio-political issue where you want to make a positive impact. We invite you to get involved and tell others to get involved. YOU ARE MOUND CITY BAR!

Thank you for the privilege and honor and opportunity to serve as your President of the Mound City Bar Association, especially during our Centennial Celebration.

Kenneth D. Goins,
Mound City Bar Association
2021 – 2022